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The EmpowerPL+UA program is aimed at Polish and Ukrainian students studying at universities around the world; this year's edition included students from the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and Poland, among many others. EmpowerPL+UA provides you with an opportunity to meet with the heads of major companies and top managers.

The program has involved companies, which are pillars of the Polish economy, and representatives of the Ukrainian business world. During mentoring meetings, students may learn about the CEOs' experiences, discuss their professional dilemmas, and receive individual advice.
EmpowerPL+UA Mentors
For EmpowerPL+UA, we will select students who stand out in terms of academic and professional achievements, as well as involvement in social activities. Each student will be assigned a mentor who - throughout six months of working together - will schedule meetings with their mentee. The get-togethers may take the form of a one-on-one conversation at the company’s headquarters, a lunch together, or an entire day spent with a mentee – depending on the availability of the participants. Meetings can also take place remotely.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed inspirational meetings with my mentor, Piotr Jasiak. It was an excellent opportunity to ask for advice, learn important lessons, and gain valuable insights about strategy, consulting, and analytics in Europe and Asia. This experience also greatly helped me to navigate my career choices after completing my master’s degree in Business Analytics. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I can definitely recommend EmpowerPL to interested students!completing my master's degree in Business Analytics. I am grateful for this opportunity, and I can definitely recommend EmpowerPL to interested students!" Paweł Rogowski Imperial College London


"When I saw Przemek among the mentors, I knew I had to choose him. He is the best person in Poland to talk about responsible finance and green transformation in banking. We both believe that the financial sector can be part of the solution, not the problem." Jadwiga Pisarska Uniwersytet Warszawski


"At each meeting with Ewa, I gained a different - but always powerful - dose of knowledge. Already during the first conversation I learned how to combine my passions with the opportunities offered by the Polish market. During the following meetings we deeply discussed the topics of retail, e-commerce, and FMCG. I extremely value every piece of information my mentor gave me. Her experience ensures that I gained not only theoretical knowledge but also crucial practice. At our last meeting, we focused on leadership skills and stress management." Aleksandra Szuszkiewicz University of Utah