During the program, we get many questions about the course of the program and logistics information. We tried to collect and answer the most common ones:

In which language is the application process for the EmpowerPL+UA program conducted?

In English – for both Polish and Ukrainian students, CVs should also be sent in English.

In what language is the program conducted?

The mentors involved in the program are Polish or English-speaking, so it depends on the mentor.

What requirements do I need to meet to apply to the EmpowerPL+UA program?

Student status and Polish or Ukrainian nationalities are required to participate in the program.

Does the mentee have a say in the selection of the mentor?

After you qualify for the program, the Boston Consulting Group team matches the mentor and mentee keeping in mind the chosen development path, interests, and experiences. Yet, it is the mentor who makes the final decision to work with the proposed mentee.

Is it possible to choose more than one path during the application?

Please indicate up to 3 pathways you are interested in, yet the final decision is made by the mentor.

Can the mentor offer me a job?

The mentoring program envisages various forms of cooperation – including online or onsite meetings at the company’s headquarters, a joint lunch, or job shadowing. The program does not include job offers.

How many meetings with a mentor does the program include?

EmpowerPL+UA assumes that a mentor will meet with his/her mentee a minimum of 3 times in 6 months. However, the mentor has the option to propose meetings over and above the agreed minimum.

Which factors influence a successful application?

A positive decision on your application will be an outcome of your academic and extracurricular achievements, areas of interest, and ambitions.

Do mentees from Ukraine only have Ukrainian mentors to choose from, while students from Poland are mainly assigned to Polish mentors?

No, the selection of a mentor to mentees does not depend on nationality – the main factors are the choice of path and similar areas of interest and ambitions.

Do I need a Ukrainian or Polish residency to apply?

No, there is no such obligation.

In what form do the meetings with the mentor take place?

Online or onsite at the company’s premises, over a joint lunch, or as part of a job shadowing.

Does BCG arrange meetings between mentor and mentee?

BCG is responsible for assigning the mentor to the mentee, but the communication and logistics of the meetings are between the mentor and mentee individually.