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EmpowerPL transforms into EmpowerPL+UA.
Meet the mentors of the upcoming edition of EmpowerPL+UA

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Course of the mentoring program

5th November 2022

Inauguration of the VI. edition
and opening of the application stage

30th November 2022

Closing of the application stage

December 2022 - January 2023

Evaluation of applicants
and recruitment results

February - August 2023

Meetings with Mentors

September 2023

Official closing of the VI.
edition of the program

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"Rebuilding Ukraine is not only about physical infrastructures, such as bridges and factories, but also about rebuilding talent. We must do everything we can to ensure that the country's bright young people have the opportunity to spread their wings. This program will be an important element bringing us closer to that goal." Oktawian Zając

"It was very valuable to be able to see the challenges of today's world from the perspective of the younger generation. I was impressed by my mentee's consistency in building the competencies of the future, as well as her openness towards cross-cultural experiences." Marek Lusztyn Vice President of the Management Board of mBank

"It was a chance to get to know the younger generation better. The world seen from their perspective is open and tolerant. They are often 'minds without borders', accepting interesting challenges and emphasizing what is important to them: space and time for their own passions, friends." Joanna Erdman Vice President of the Management Board of ING Bank